Hot Shower with Upcoming Movie Star

One of my interesting dates was with a struggling movie actor who has got lead in adult movie. The guy was a virgin and was extremely nervous of performing sexual act in front of people. He decided to visit an Escort Moscow to get rid of his fears and build some confidence. The movie star arrived in my apartment on time. He was blonde, well build and clean shaven just like any other dashing guy seen in Hollywood movies. He bought a script with him too. I made him a drink and read the whole script. There was a hot shower scene in the story which I find quite erotic and ideal for giving him sex training. I told him that we are going for hot shower and he agreed immediately. Both of us take off our clothes and jumped into the shower. Here, looking straight into his eyes, I gave him a passionate kiss on his lips. He reciprocated with same intensity too. While kissing, the guy got pretty much excited as I wanted and move down to my neck while kissing. He pushed me to the bathroom wall and kissed me passionately on my upper portion i.e. my neck and my tits. I loved it when his lips moved on my body. I smiled at him when he took a break from kissing and told him, “See, how easy it was. You just have to be in the flow”. He smiled to hear my positive response and started again love making process. This time, I applied shower soap all over his body moving my soft hands on his firm body. He really got excited when I applied soap on his cock. I washed him with shower and kissed him passionately all over his body. I got fond of his broad chest and move my lips over there for quite some time. Then, I came to my favourite part of sex i.e. oral job. I took his cock gently in my hands and put it on tip of my mouth. I took his organ slowly to arouse blood in his lions. Once his cock was hard erected; I opened my mouth wide open to suck it completely. I sucked it with such intensity that he ejaculated within 10 minutes of doing it. After washing my mouth with water, my clients embraced me tightly and shower me with passionate kisses. His tongue was moving all over my body. I was so excited that I started sweating in shower. Then he pushed me to the wall for second time, spread my legs and lifted me a little bit. He inserted his cock deep inside my pussy and moved it ferociously. I started panting heavily and keep shouting “More, more” in excitement. Then, he turned me to the face of wall and inserted his cock inside me. He moved vigorously till he released a huge sperm inside my body. Now both of us were sated with our love making. We came back from bathroom, got dressed up and went to dinner where we chatted with each other a lot before going back to our life. Next evening, He called to thank me for boosting his confidence. He told me that his director was very happy with our performance and had signed him for next movie too. I was glad to hear it and was happy that I shaped career of a young movie star. He invited me to dinner where again we had rocking sex. Now, both of us have closed friends and regularly meet in our free time. I Thanked God for introducing me to such a great friend.

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Ludmila-Blond escort

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