A morning with Airforce Pilot.

It was a dream comes true for Moscow escort model when I got a chance to date an Air force Pilot. The guy had booked me for an hour before going on his duty. It was early morning at 8:00 am when I landed in his hotel suite. The guy was having a breakfast and ordered that for me too. Being a pilot, it was obvious that the guy was well built and quite tall. After breakfast, he came closer to me and kissed me gently on lips. Then, he took out a knife from his pocket and cut my dress into two pieces. He fondled with my tits for some time. I could feel his organ getting rock hard. While pressing my boobs, he rolled his tongue deep into my mouth. Both of us got really involved in kissing. In excitement, I put my long arms around his shoulders. The guy hands were moving all around my back while kissing. Suddenly, he undone my bra and threw it on the ground. He lifted me a little from the floor and I too crossed my legs wide open to welcome him with open arms. He kissed all over my neck and played with my lovely tits too. He moved his lips from one tit to another within a minute. My pussy was quite wet with all this foreplay action. Then he spread my legs wide apart to insert his loaded dick inside my body. He moved ferociously inside my body. I screamed with excitement when he did this and soon achieved an orgasm. Both of us took some break after our intense love session. While taking rest, I was really impressed with his loaded dick and before he could pull off his pants, I took his organ deep into my mouth. First, he was surprised then laughed looking at my reaction. He loved it as I took his cock inside my mouth. I sucked it quite harder till he ejaculated inside my mouth. It was a mind blowing experience for both of us. The Air-Pilot thanked me for such a refreshing sexual experience. He told me that he had solo flight this afternoon and was extremely nervous thinking about it. His Senior Pilot told him to not to worry and suggested me to spend some time with escort to make yourself refreshed. Thus, he came to me to have some good moments. I said best of luck to him before going back to my normal life. Some days later, I received a call from him. He thanked me for making his first solo flight a successful one and promised me to visit again. He kept his promise and this time we went for romantic dinner.

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