Sex in the Basement

Chinese men are known for using innovative ways of having sex. They are not satisfied with normal love making, but always go for some innovative ways. I know all this because I have spent one night with a Chinese businessman and the sex was just amazing. It was early morning when I arrived in his house. The guy was a painter and showed me some of his best paintings to me. I was quite surprised to see in all his paintings men were shown raping woman. I understood that my client was a sex maniac and wanted to force himself on me. Before, I could refuse him; I started feeling dizzy and soon fell on the floor. When I woke up, I found myself in some dungeon with my hands tied up. I was really scared at that moment and begged my client to let me go away. I could see the devil’s look in his eyes. My client laughed loudly looking at my situation. Suddenly, he started a water pipe and showered me from top to bottom; especially on my bosom. I was drench with water from top to bottom and was shivering heavily. My heart skipped a beat when he came near me. He caressed my hair for a while, unbuttoned my top, removed my top and made me appear in undergarments. He stroked my face for a while and gave me an intense kiss on the lips. He kept on kissing on my lips for some time then move down to my neck while kissing. At the same time, he unhooked my bra and removed my panty too. He kept on kissing my neck for a while, then untied my hair, lifted me gently and put me to the bed. He lied on top of me and fastened his lips on my wet bosom. He played with them for a while in between he also kissed my lips as well as my neck too. I was too numb to react at that moment and totally submitted my body to his domination. Seeing me shivering, the Chinese guy got oil from his bathroom cupboard and applied it all over my body. Color came back to my face again as his hands move from top to bottom. Seeing me excited enough, he kissed me passionately from top to bottom for some time and then made me sit on his knees while his legs crossing my back. He positioned himself in such a way that his cock could enter my vagina. He embraced me tightly and entered his cock deep inside my body simultaneously kissing my bosom and my long neck too. He kept on moving feverishly till he ejaculated inside my body while I scratch his back in excitement. After that, we went to sleep for two hours and then move back to our normal life. Before going, I requested him to make a nude photo of me. The guy obliged and made me an erotic photo showing my sexy body. Under the painting it was written, With love, from Chang”. I jumped with excitement on getting my painting and gave him a good bye kiss before leaving. Till now, it is the best sex of my life which I would like to experience again.

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