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Making out in the chair I didn’t have any idea that making out in chair can be so much fun. I got to know this when I slept with a laborer. He had a rugged look, well built body and has romantic brown eyes. He arrived quite late in my apartment. I made him a drink to make him comfortable. Since, it was night I wore a sexy maxi to drive him crazy. The guy had a wild look in his eyes after two drinks. He made me sit on his lap with my face facing his. He kept on looking my pretty face for some minutes. Then, he kissed me gently on the lips. As our lips touched, both of us were on fire. We embraced each other tightly and rolled our tongue deep inside each other mouth. It was as if two lovers are meeting after a long time. Soon, his hands move over my back. He unzipped to touch my soft skin. I too reciprocated by taking off his shirt. He ran his firm hands over my soft back for a while then unstrapped my bra along with maxi. He moved down to my long neck after making my lips wet. He kissed my neck feverishly in between, he also bit me on my ear too. He kept on playing with my neck for some time till he held me tight to put his lips on my perfect bosom. It was quite magical when he fastened his lips on them. But, his next sexual move was totally unexpected. While playing with my breasts, he removed my panty and inserted his cock deep inside my vagina. I was surprised to see his bold move. I thought he would enjoy me in the last like all men did. But, this guy was totally unexpected. He pushed himself inside me while his lips moved all over my body. His kissing got more intense as his thrust become more forceful. Within 10 minutes of doing this, he ejaculated deep inside my body. I too scratch his back in excitement and slept beside him. After that, both of us went to a deep sleep. When I woke up, I made him a good breakfast. After such a good sex; the guy really deserved a treat. He enjoyed the breakfast with me and then move back to his normal life. Till date, it was the best sex of my life. Best thing is that I learned about benefits of chair and how can it be used for having so much fun.

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Julia-Blond Escort

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