Playing at Black Widow It was quite unusual for me to play a role of a superwoman. But, once I got the chance of playing a superhero character from Hollywood movie Avengers. My client was an American pervert who has a thing for Hollywood celeb Scarlet Johansson. He really liked her as Black widow in Avengers movie and fantasized about having sex with her in that form. He was looking for a girl who has a resemblance like her. He had heard from his friends about Russian beauties and decided to visit Russia just to satisfy his desires. He got through many Moscow escorts profile and finally selected me to overcome his sexual fantasy. This was his obsession with an actress. I have heard about it, but was seeing it first time in my life. I arrived wearing a sexy black widow outfit with a plastic sword in his hotel suite. I was really embarrassed to dawn this role as everybody from taxi driver to a hotel employee stared at me even laughed behind my back. I was feeling angry a lot for being an escort. I thought I should have rejected his offer, but it was too good to reject and most importantly saying no to a client can be considered quite rude in our profession. These things spread like word of mouth and you would have no idea when people start refusing you for going on a date with you. Moving back to my story, I knocked in his hotel suite and I was in very angry mood. The American dude opened the door and he turned out to be an 19 to 20 year old college student. The guy was quite looking and had cute dimples on his face when he smiled. He said hello to me with a smile, but soon understood that I was not in a good mood. Like a loving boyfriend; the guy made me a drink, ordered lunch for me in his room to calm my anger. After that, he said sorry for causing her any trouble even told me that if I was not comfortable sleeping with him, then I could leave the room without returning the money. First time, I smiled looking at his innocence. I said it was okay for me to satisfy his fantasy. I was upset as people stared at me when I arrived for the date. He had a big smile on his face on hearing that his death was not over. He made me sit on a chair, tied my hands with it and gave me a warm passionate kiss on my lips. Then, he unzipped my black dress and start fondling my tits. He was really excited as I could see the bulge growing inside his pants. He started pouring me sweet kisses on my neck and his hands unhooked my bra. He moved to my tits while kissing my neck and start sucking them. The way he sucked my tits was just amazing. I got really excited about this and start moaning. While sucking my tits; he unzipped my pants along my pantry. Then, he untied my hands tied to the back of my chair. He lay on the floor and made me sit on his erected cock. I too ride his cock moving upward, backward direction while he squeezed my breasts. I kept on moving till he ejaculated huge sperm inside my body. Both of us achieved our sexual euphoric moment at the same time. The good thing was that the sex was so great that I really forgot about people making a joke on me. The kid was really sweet; he paid me more than my service. Arrange a cab for me to drop me home. As an escort, you hardly encounter a decent guy as your client, but when you meet him, you always remember that special moment with him. For me it was this American kid to whom I am going to remember throughout my life.

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Scarlett-sex in Moscow

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