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My Friend told me that Swedish Men were the best when it comes to having sex with Moscow escort girl. I got to know this when I experienced it myself. My client was a handsome corporate executive who has booked me for 1 hour love session. He arrived in my apartment on time. I was stunned to see such a handsome guy at my doorstep. For some minutes, I was hypnotized to see his beauty. He was a well built blonde with broad shoulders and a beautiful face. We had a quite drink together. My heart skips a beat when he ran his firm hands over my smooth legs. I was too shy to look at him at that moment. Suddenly, he removed my panty under my skirt and ran his hands over my clean pussy. I started panting with excitement. I embraced him tightly in my arms and kiss him tightly on lips. The Swedish guy held me tight with one hand simultaneously rubbed the place between legs. We got really in motion while kissing. He lay me down gently on floor, unbuttoned my top, removed my bra and ran his firm hands over my soft breasts. He ran his firm hands over my soft bosom for some-time, then held me tight in his arms and kissed me passionately on my lips. He kept on kissing me while his hands juggled my soft tits. I could see his dick getting pretty hard at that moment. Soon, he unbuttoned his pants and inserted his huge cock inside my panty. From lips, he poured down soft kisses over my neck while his dick kept moving at a steady pace inside my body. It was just fantastic to be fucked and kissed at the same time. I just removed his shirt and ran my hands over his bare back. He kept on doing this for some time till he ejaculated inside my body. I too achieved an orgasm. But, both of us were still not satisfied with each other. We wanted each other more. His half an hour time was still remaining. Both of us were confused for some time. I suggested him to run oil over my body and then kissed it from top to bottom. Then, we would make out in different KS positions. He liked this idea. I got an ointment from my bathroom cupboard and gave it to him to run it all over my body. He did as I told him to do. Soon, his hands were running all over my smooth skin. He made me oil licked from top to bottom, after that kissed me passionately starting from lips, moving to neck and then proceeding to whole body. He kept on kissing me for some minutes. I started feeling wet between my legs and opened it widely to give him a sign that I was ready to accept him. The Swedish Guy sat on a chair and made me sit on his lap. He embraced me tightly and inserted his cock with his hand inside my vagina. He then pushed his cock gently inside my body and kept moving it slowly till he ejaculated inside my body. Both of us reached our climax at the same time. After that, he went to his work while I slept deep after such a good sex. In evening, we went for romantic dinner. I thank him for such a great sexual pleasure and asked him can we make out again. He told me that he would love to but he was checking out tonight. But, he promised me to visit me again whenever he came to Moscow. I am waiting for him and wish he could come soon.

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Magda moscow escort

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