A romantic date 

I always have a fantasy of going for a romantic date with my boyfriend. Sadly, I didn’t get as much opportunity of romantic dinner as my fellow
have got. But, one day Jesus showed Mercy on me and I went to a romantic dinner date with a handsome naval officer. He took me to a nicest restaurant in the city where we bonded well over a dinner date. The food was delicious and wine was just fantastic. We both got little bit drunk while having dinner. In-fact, we were on the verge of losing our consciousness, the hotel staff helped us in getting us to our room. As soon as the apartment door was shut, the naval officer started kissing me passionately on the lips. I loved the way he rolled his tongue inside my mouth and then undress me from top to bottom. Soon, I was in undergarments. He ran his hands over my soft body quite frequently while kissing. From lips, he fastened his lips on my lovely tits and kiss them like a child got his favourite toy. He kept on playing my tits till they got swollen through kissing. From tits, he move further down to my body over my soft stomach and kissed it quite frequently. But, the greatest moment came when he rolled his tongue on my pussy. I yelled with joy when he did this. In-fact, tears start rolling in my eyes. Gently, he laid me down on the floor, spread my legs and inserted himself deep inside my vagina. I was already lubricated enough to accept his huge dick inside my vagina. He kept on moving his dick till he ejaculated deep inside my body. It was first time that I was having such a fantastic experience while having sex. Otherwise, most people treat us like a piece of shit. My client lay beside me and went to a deep sleep stroking my lovely tits. I really wished that he proposed to me at that moment. It was truly a magical date. More than him, I had a great time. It was early morning when my client woke up. Both of us had coffee and then move back to our normal life. Till date, it is the most romantic night of my life which I would like to repeat again if given a chance to turn back my life.

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