Jana Hello, I am Jana, a professional Madrid escort girl. If you are looking for a girl to relax in pubs or cafes, then I am the most suitable person for this. We can hit out famous pubs or cafes in Moscow and then get laid in my apartment after that. I am proud to say that I have natural curves with no cosmetic surgery done on any part. I have golden curly hair, blue eyes, firm tits and well curved ass. I am expert in mouth to mouth French kissing, whole body kissing and sensual massage. I love when men kiss me from top to bottom on soft bed-sheet, spread my legs and insert their cock inside my body. Nature-wise, I am introvert and shy person. My chemistry would be perfect with men who love to flaunt their latest gadget, car and are never tired about talking about themselves. Being a good listener, I listen to them quite patiently and really find them amusing. These self-praising men are quite lonely inside and really want someone to share their personal feelings. More than physical needs, they are looking for emotional support and love which has gone missing in these social networking days. As an escort, I provide that support and I am proud of this fact.

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